Monday, July 14, 2014

GoDog Dragon Toy

Check out this review of our GoDog Dragon stuffy. We carry them in various colours, and two different sizes to please any dog's chompers. 

" I have a border collie who tends to destroy most stuffed/squeaker toys within 5 minutes (really, I timed it once). This little dragon has held up for several months now without even a tear. It's great for tug of war and she can chew on it for hours. Definitely worth the (slightly) higher price. " 
- Celynn

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

How Not To Talk To A Service Dog Team

How Not To Talk To A Service Dog Team- a post by Jordan Danger, a.k.a. Girl, Crafted
Jordan's cutie, Corben

Check out a list of helpful tips offered by one of our customers on how not to approach service dogs and their handlers.  You can check out the original post by clicking here.

- Don't hold them up
- Don't ask what is wrong with the handler
- Don't assume that the able-bodied handler is a trainer
- Don't pet the dog
- Don't point the dog out to children
- Educate your staff
- Don't assume the handler is faking it
- Don't call it a privilege
- Don't assume that the dog is a sign of weakness
- Don't overthink it