Friday, August 29, 2014

We're OPEN!

Come visit us on the holiday Monday.  We'll be open from 9:00am-6:00pm.

Unfortunately, our K9 Day Care will be closed on the Monday.  

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Happy National Dog Day!

To celebrate National Dog Day, WAG is recognizing the dogs that need to be rescued, acknowledging family dogs and dogs that work selflessly each day to save lives, keep us safe and bring comfort.   We'll be donating 25% of our coffee sales from August 26th to select local rescues and service dogs.  

 While adopting a dog is a fantastic way to support shelters, it is not always a viable option, but there are other ways to support shelters besides adoption.  Interested in getting involved but don’t know how?  Here are three simple ways to get more involved:

Pick a Rescue
For starters, pick a rescue!  There are many rescues operating in Ottawa and the surrounding area, some of which are breed specific.  Are you a fan of Greyhounds?  Then maybe the Greyhound Supporters of the NCR is the rescue for you.  Have you got a soft spot for larger breeds?  Check out Friendly Giants Dog Rescue.  Maybe you want to make a difference in the lives of dogs rescued from puppy mills.  If so, LOYAL Rescue might be just what you are looking for.  Take a look online at for a full list of Ottawa rescues.

Make a Donation
A lot of hard work, time and money is required to rescue dogs.  Many of them arrive to the shelters in poor health and require medical attention, which unfortunately means expensive veterinary bills and medication.  Whether it is a one-time donation or a monthly one, financial donations are always appreciated.  Most shelters will also accept donations in the form of collars, leashes, food, treats and toys.  Want to buy Fido a new collar but don’t know what to do with the old one?  Donate it! Are you stuck with at big bag of dog kibble that Scruffy absolutely refuses to eat? Donate it!  Does Rufus have a favourite toy but ignores the rest?  Donate them!  Call up the shelter to get a better idea of what they might be in need of, or stop by WAG and drop off your donated items and we will give them to a shelter for you. 

Foster A Dog
Interested in caring for a dog, but aren’t sure if you can make the long-term commitment?  Become a foster parent!  Many rescue organizations have foster programs, in which you volunteer to care for a dog until a permanent home can be found for it.  This is a fantastic way to volunteer and become more involved with a particular rescue.

Doggin' Knit this Sunday

Doggin' Knit 
Beginner's Knitting Circle 
Sunday, August 31st, 11:00am-12:00pm

Come by WAG this Sunday to learn some of the essential lessons for new knitters: choosing supplies, casting on, knitting. The fall season is quickly approaching, and this would be a great little hobby to hone.  WAG employee, Abbie will be sharing her "purls" of wisdom as she teaches you how to knit a scarf or dishcloth.

 Please bring your own supplies: You'll need (1) knitting needles, size U.S. 7 or 8/ 4.5mm or 5.0mm (approximately $5) and (2) Yarn (see next paragraph). 

 If you'd like to begin with a dishcloth, you'll need 100% cotton yarn. I like Bernat Handicrafter Cotton (50 g./1.75 oz. or 73 m/80 yds). If you'd prefer to begin with a scarf, you'll need a "light worsted" or "worsted/afghan/aran" weight yarn. 

 The total cost of supplies should be no more than $10. You can find items at Michael's, though, we would encourage you to shop local and check out Yarn Forward in the Glebe (581 Bank Street).

This event is free, but we would encourage calling to register a space (613) 730-4647.  As always, friendly dogs are welcome!

Please consider buying a drink to support future events/seminars/breed nights in our cafe.

Yorkie Do Tomorrow!

Join us tomorrow evening (Wed. Aug. 27th) from 7:00pm-8:30pm for our semi-regular social gathering for Yorkshire Terriers!

Happy National Dog Day

Happy National Dog Day!
National Dog Day
Tuesday, August 26th, all day

WAG loves dogs and coffee.  To celebrate National Dog Day, WAG is recognizing the dogs that need to be rescued, acknowledging family dogs and dogs that work selflessly each day to save lives, keep us safe and bring comfort.  We'll be donating 25% of our coffee sales from August 26th to select local rescues and service dogs.  Now that is a cuppa' Joe that you can feel good about enjoying.  

Sunday, August 24, 2014

It's a good week to be at WAG.

Win a pound of
Sunday, August 24th-Saturday, August 30th, all week, all day.

All week long when you purchase a cup of our fresh, locally roasted, premium coffee, your name will be entered into a draw to win a free pound of coffee.  Hey- did we mention our coffee is organic, Fair Trade certified, and Rainforest Alliance Certified?  That's a cuppa' joe you can feel good about enjoying!  
*Multiple entries welcome :)


Welcome back students- FREE coffee all week.
Sunday, August 24th-Saturday, August 30th, all week, all day.

All week long WAG is offering up free coffee to students (with the presentation of a valid student card).  We're welcoming you back with a cup of our fresh, locally roasted, premium coffee and free WiFi.  Hey- did we mention our coffee is organic, Fair Trade certified, and Rainforest Alliance Certified?  That's a cuppa' joe you can feel good about enjoying!  

*Valid on drip coffee only.


Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Are you using the right feeder for your pup?

Incase you can't make out the text...

Elevated feeders are ideal for large or tall dogs, as it improves comfort, reduces stress and cumulative joint damage in your large breed dog.

Steep sided bowls are best for long-eared dogs. Steep bowls with narrow openings keep your dogs' ears from falling into food and water dishes.

Shallow bowls are advised for short nosed dogs, because it makes it easier for them to reach food, eliminating strain and pressure against the throat.

Slow feeder bowls are best for fast eaters! They help to slow down your dog's eating while improving digestion and nutrient absorption.

Deep bowls can be used with long-nosed dogs, allowing the dog more "nose room" making eating more comfortable.

Puppies are best advised to use shallow bowls, making it easier to reach food by eliminating pressure against the throat.

Monday, August 18, 2014

Nail Cutting Clinic

Thursday, August 21st, 2014

Trimmed nails are necessary for your dog's safety and comfort.  

Let Brittany, our daycare facilitator and dog guru, ease the job of having your dog's nails cut for the discounted price of of $17.99.  

Friday, August 15, 2014

ACANA Singles Seminar

Wednesday, August 20th, 7:00pm-8:30pm

Come by WAG to learn about ACANA Singles-THE WORLD’S FIRST BIOLOGICALLY APPROPRIATE AND LIMITED INGREDIENT DOG FOODS. Perfect for diet-sensitive dogs of all breeds and life stages, ACANA Singles feature unmatched meat inclusions of Alberta pork, Canadian duck or New Zealand lamb - all in richly nourishing Whole Prey ratios to eliminate the need for synthetic amino-acids and vitamins in ACANA foods.

National Geographic Paw of Approval!

We are pleased to announce that WAG Pet Shop and K9 Day Care has been awarded National Geographic's "Paw of Approval" which will be featured in their book The Dog Lover's Guide to Travel.  And here is a link to check out the book: 

Thursday, August 14, 2014

21 Facts About Dogs That Will Blow Your Mind

21 Facts About Dogs That Will Blow Your Mind by Bark Post

Everyone knows that Irish Wolfhounds are the biggest dogs in the land and that a dog’s brain is specialized for scent, but here are a few quirky and mind-blowing facts that you probably don’t know related to our beloved pups.

Fact #21: Dogs are capable of understanding up to 250 words and gestures, can count up to five and can perform simple mathematical calculations. The average dog is as intelligent as a two-year-old child.(Source.)

funny-gif-kid-walking-dog (1)

Brilliant Tricks to Teach Your Dog to Make Your Life Easier by Bark Post

Dogs are incredibly smart and talented creatures, and they are a blessing to have in our lives. Every new doggy parent is armed with a few standard tricks to teach your dog for basic obedience – sit, down, stay. But have you guys considered some other handy tricks that will not only increase the bond between you and your pup, but also make your life a little easier?
1. Turn off the lights. 
(Image via ThisThingCalledLife)
We’ve all been there, cuddled up in bed with a nice book and hot cup of tea. Before you know it, it’s time for a good ol’ nap… but that light switch is just so far away! Teach your pup how to turn off the lights and problem solved – you don’t have to move from your warm and comfy spot, and your pup gets a cookie and pat on the head. For small dogs that can’t reach the light switch, consider using a chair or platform they can jump on to reach. Here is a great guide for teaching your dog this handy trick.
2. Clean up.
(Image via PreciousTails)
Dogs love toys, and we love to spoil them with toys. Chances are you have a toy bin or pile somewhere in your house dedicated to playtime for your pooch. If your dogs are anything like mine, they love digging through their precious pile and bringing out their beloved toys one by one, leaving a lovely scattered array of stuffed squirrels and squeaky balls all over your living room floor. Teaching your dog to clean up their toys will keep your home squeaky clean after playtime, and it’s another impressive trick to show your guests when they come over! This video will teach you how to teach them this trick.
3. Shake (for a pedicure).
(Image via PetSitterPatrol)
Teaching your dog to give their paw for a handshake is a pretty standard trick that’s easy to teach. The next part is getting your dog to leave their paw for a quick nail trim, which can be a struggle for many pups. This extensive guide is a good place to start. The trick with this one is to take it slow, and incrementally adjust your dogs to getting their nails clipped, buffed, and painted (okay, maybe not the last one).
4. Play dead.
(Image via ConnectMyDog)
Teaching your dog “BANG!” or to play dead is not only a great party trick to show off to your friends, but also is a great tool for encouraging your dog to relax. This guide shows you how to teach this trick. Plus, it’ll make your vet’s job easier when they’re doing their routine belly exams.
5. Touch!
(Image via ItsADogsWorld)
This trick is super useful for getting your dog somewhere you want them to be. One of the basics that is often taught in beginner or puppy obedience classes, teaching your dog to touch your hand is another way to get them to come to you. Do this by holding out your hand and treating (or using a clicker, if that’s your preferred training method) your dog every time they sniff and then touch the empty hand with their nose. Eventually they will get the hang of it!
6. Put their collar on.
(Image via Gizmag)
It’s like teaching your kids to put on their own clothes! … just kidding. This is a variation off of “touch,” teaching your pups to put their heads through their collars or through a slip leash. I use this one all the time for my American Eskimo, because having a collar on all the time when she’s running around the house tends to mat her fur. This way, she knows how to put on her own collar when we’re ready to head out. Do this by holding the collar in one hand, and putting your other hand behind the collar. Use the “touch” command. Your dog will aim to touch your hand and put their head through the collar in the process. Very handy for dogs who squirm around when putting collars and leashes on!
7. Bring their leash.
(Image via Frontdoor)
Another handy trick for your dog to know so they can help you get ready to take them on a walk! Here is a great guide to teaching this one to your pooch. Fun variations on this could be teaching your dogs to bring other things… like those car keys you always seem to misplace… Or a beer. ;)


Take the opportunity to come check out our new daycare facility!  Book your dog 
in our day care for your summer holidays or when your schedule gets too busy with
end of the year school commitments.  
Our K9 Daycare is perfect for those who are away during the day, or who want to give their dog a bit of extra love, activity and socialization while they are out.
We focus on a fun and safe environment where your dog will be able to make new friends, socialize, burn off some energy, and maybe learn a few new tricks along the way!
Come by and learn what is require to join our pack!  We'll be giving tours from 
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