Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Are you using the right feeder for your pup?

Incase you can't make out the text...

Elevated feeders are ideal for large or tall dogs, as it improves comfort, reduces stress and cumulative joint damage in your large breed dog.

Steep sided bowls are best for long-eared dogs. Steep bowls with narrow openings keep your dogs' ears from falling into food and water dishes.

Shallow bowls are advised for short nosed dogs, because it makes it easier for them to reach food, eliminating strain and pressure against the throat.

Slow feeder bowls are best for fast eaters! They help to slow down your dog's eating while improving digestion and nutrient absorption.

Deep bowls can be used with long-nosed dogs, allowing the dog more "nose room" making eating more comfortable.

Puppies are best advised to use shallow bowls, making it easier to reach food by eliminating pressure against the throat.

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