Sunday, May 26, 2013

Brit's favourite products

As part of our series of staff favourite products, Brit had to go last (besides Joan, who has final say of course!), because she loves so many things! She decided to let her photo collection choose, as her favourite items have had a facebook post at one time or another! Here's what she came up with:

GoDog Dragon toy: We're not sure who loves these more, Brit or Sadie! Brit loves how adorable they are.. Sadie (the 11 year old shepherd/collie mix) loves them so much she stole her chihuahua sister's tiny one too! She now has a family of three that she carries throughout the house, to bed, and outside to accompany her on pee breaks, and she puts them down to poke the squeaker with her nose to get mom's attention.

Brit also recommends these to everyone with a new puppy, and the puppies thank her! They're not only super soft and snuggly, but puppies love the crinkly sound they make, and the little wings and tail to play with. To top it off, who knew they could make such a cute and snuggly toy so durable? These toys don't have any stuffing to pull out, and they are double stitched with a tough inner layer. And when it starts to get smelly? Just toss it in the wash! It will come out as plush and snuggly as new!
(also comes in green, purple, and various coloured dinosaurs - Brit just happens to love pink, as you'll see throughout this post!)

Brit also loves Kanine Kerchiefs! They're double sided and come in lots of different patterns and sizes. What an easy way to change up your pup's wardrobe, without any fuss! Kanine Kerchiefs also supports many local rescues - the little orange cutie above is one of Brit's past foster dogs all decked out! 

And finally something for the human! Brit LOVES everything Hatley! The clothes, bags, mugs, slippers, the list goes on! Everything is super cute and full of great colours, the clothing is comfy and fits nicely, and it's all really well made and durable! 

Wednesday, May 22, 2013


TUESDAY, MAY 28TH / 7:00PM - 8:30PM


Yelp Ottawa and Wag Pet Shop are joining forces to bring you a night filled with music, treats and dogs!  Come check out Ottawa's only dog-friendly cafe, meet some furry friends and savour some of the locally made treats and drinks available at our Bank St. gem!

Please, bring along a plus one and introduce your friend to WAG!  Sociable furry friends are always welcome!  We're treating your new friend to a scone and drink with your purchase of a scone and drink.

There will be live music from Ottawa's very own pop-jazz-soul artist Renee Landry.  Come early to snag a seat close to Renee- she has a great voice and some catchy tunes that are sure to get your toes tappin'.
Enjoy a deliciously crafted latte or iced tea off our seasonal menu.  We will be offering Strawberry Shortcake Lattes-delicious iced or warm, Iced White Mocha Lattes and our Homemade Lemonade and Iced Tea, amongst our other in house favourites.  Treat your dog to a biscuit at your feet.  We have locally made, home-made dog biscuits and delicious Canadian beef chews.  There is truly something for every one!
While entrance to this event is free, we will be accepting donations for our charity Wag To The Rescue - our giving program that donates to several animal-friendly causes in the Ottawa region.  Additionally, with your donation, your name will be entered into a draw to win a beautiful canvas with the photography work of Laura Benn, founder of renowned dog magazine PAWSH.
On this evening, Laura Benn will be unveiling her "Run With Me" photography project
for the very first time at WAG!  Read on for more details about this fantastic project
she is putting together for this event.


WAG is pleased to present the exclusive unveiling of Pawsh Magazine's latest photography
project entitled "Run With Me." Pawsh, an internationally read online magazine that started in Ottawa, is dedicated to celebrating a life lived well with dogs, and its founder, Laura L. Benn, has created a moving series of photos designed to further encourage a healthy, dog-friendly lifestyle.
"Run With Me" is an uplifting series of bright, vibrant images composed to remind the viewer that our dogs literally follow in our footsteps. With every move or decision that a pet parent makes, he or she is leading their dog along that same path. The message of this photo series is to embrace a healthy, active lifestyle that suits both human and canine companions alike so that both can experience the best life possible - together.
The "Run With Me" photographs will be available as limited edition prints to hang by your front door along with your pup's leash, to rest on your desk to inspire regular work breaks, to make vet's offices even more welcoming, to brighten up a home gym and to bring a smile to whatever space they occupy.

Be among the first to view "Run With Me" by attending Wag's May 28th, 2013 event. For more information regarding this series, please email {Special thanks to Sporting Life for providing the footwear for this photo project}.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

No More Sleeping In!

WAG will be opening up an hour earlier- at 8:00am Monday through Friday effective June 1st for the summer months.  Come join us for a coffee and a treat on your morning walk.  We'll have a hot cup of coffee brewing just for you.  

It gets better yet!  We'll be remaining open two hours later on Saturday- until 8:00pm so you can join us until the sun goes down :)

Saturday June 1st: 9:00am-8:00pm
Sunday June 2nd: 9:00am-6:00pm
Monday June 3rd: 8:00am- 9:00pm


CONTEST TIME! We have a contest in store... When you spend $10 or more on cat products or $100 or more on dog products, you can enter your name into a draw to win a BOWSER BALL BED (valued at $110.99) or The Ultimate Scratching Post and Perch (Valued at $140.00).

The Ultimate Scratching Post and Perch encourages the mental & physical stimulation of cats! Cats need a scratching post that will allow them to get a full stretch. This post is 32” high and is designed to maximize your cat’s scratching pleasure by providing an appealing target for territorial marking, exercise and natural cat exuberance.

The Bowser Ball Bed is a luxurious bed made from durable, soft berber fabric and filled with high loft memory fiber. Dogs LOVE burrowing into this fancy nest. It is machine washable and dryable and there is a zippered cover for easy washing.

We will be drawing the prize winner names on Father's Day- Sunday, June 16th. Best of Luck!

Teach your dog a new trick, Boston Tea Party, lots of doggy fun!

This week at Wag!

Tonight is our "Teach your dog a new trick" seminar with Carol Upton. Call 613-730-4647 to register for only $9.99, and come on in at 7pm for some fun learning!

Next, Boston Terrier owners can come in on Wednesday evening from 7:00-8:30 for a social evening with fellow Bostons, at our "Boston Tea Party!"

The following Tuesday is our "join the pack" party! Tuesday, May 28th 7-9

Have you ever thought there was a friend you must bring to WAG because they would just love it ? Well we are organizing a party just to welcome new WAG pack members.

Lots of drinks, snacks and prizes ! ... Renee Landry will be singing some tunes and we will be presenting a new photography exhibit by Laura Benn from Pawsh Magazine.

(ps. we extend a special welcome to the Yelp Elite Group that are coming to check the place out)

Come visit us and join the fun! 

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Abbie's Favourite Products

We're featuring Abbie's favourite products, as part of our series of blog posts on our Wag staff's favourite items.  Though Abbie has had a difficult time narrowing down her favourite products, she has shortened the list to her top three favourite items that WAG carries.  Read on to hear what Abbie has to say about her favourite items:
Wagmores dog treats:  I love supporting local businesses.  Wagmores are a super healthy homemade dog treat that are made using local, human grade ingredients.  There are no preservatives, artificial additives, fillers, colouring, or by-products and they are 100% homemade!  My dog Frankie LOVES 
them!  Best of all, they are chewy and soft, so I can break them up and offer him little bits.

Bowser Donut Bed:  We love his Bowser donut bed!  It's made with a soft, micro velvet material that wipes clean and washes well.  There is a mattress inside that we use for travelling too.  It's a tufted cushion, and so it washes well in the washing machine without the cushioning clumping.  He loves to curl up in his bed and rest his head over the edge.  He has a coordinating throw blanket too he likes to snuggle under.  

Champion Dog Food (Orijen & Acana):  Champion Dog Foods is a Canadian company.  All of their meats are fresh, never frozen and their meat is all Canadian. The first ingredients of Orijen are named meat products.  The food uses salmon oil rather than fat, providing omega 3 and 6.  There are no grains in this food and there is a range of fruits and vegetables in the food, and a good range of probiotics.  There are no grains in this food, which are not a natural part of a dog's diet.  It is really outstanding product!  Frank's favourite flavours are Orijen 6 fish and chicken-- we can interchange flavours without upsetting his digestive system.  Plus, when you buy 12 bags, you get your 13th free!   

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Herding Dog Roundup - and more!

Lots of fun again this week at Wag! Tomorrow evening is our herding dog round up, for all herding breeds to gather! This is already shaping up to be a very popular event, and Sadie the Shepherd/Collie can't wait! *no heel nipping please!*

Starting Friday we're having a big sale on life jackets, all throughout the weekend and Monday too!

For more events including our upcoming "Teach your dog a new trick" evening, "Boston Tea Party" social, and Leash Walking 101 class with Carol Upton, visit our events calendar!

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Heather's Favourite Products

We're featuring a number of reviews of our staff's favourite products.  Heather has selected her favourite items for the second segment of this feature.  Read on to hear why Heather has selected the following products as her favourite:

Tree trunk with squirrels dog toy: This is a great toy that will keep your dog busy!  This was Heather's previous dog, spring spaniel Buster's (Missing you) favourite toy.  Heather has recently added Hadley, another springer spaniel, to her family and this is her favourite toy also.    Aww...

Heather also loves the Smoochy Poochy collars.  They are a great leather alternative, especially for dogs who like to swim, because they don't smell like wet leather does.  Even more, they wipe clean, so they are easy to keep clean!

Hadley loves her American Kennel Club toy so much she won't go anywhere in the house without it. This racoon is her best friend! She throws it, chews it, shakes it and squeaks it. Hadley is just starting to  teeth and this toy is nice and durable for a stuffy. 

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

What a fun filled week!

Photo by:

It's a busy one around here, starting Wednesday evening with a Shih Tzu shindig! Come on in from 7-8:30 to socialize with fellow Shih Tzus!

Next up we have some great 2-part workshops with Carol Upton! Saturday we have a recall workshop from 9am-10:30pm, and On Leash walking 101 from 11am-12:30 pm! Follow up on May 25th for part 2! $59.99 for both parts of either workshop, please call 613-730-4647 to book!

Finally, on Sunday we are of course celebrating moms of dogs and children alike! Come on in for a delicious half price strawberry shortcake latte!

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Renee's Favourite Products

We'll be featuring a few blog post segments over the next few weeks of our staff's favourite products.  First up is Renee!  Her 2 favourite products are Smoochy Poochy Hands Free Leash and Earth Rated Poops bags.  Read on to hear why she's selected these items:

Smoochy Poochy Hands Free Leash:  They are really great for running with your dog, a good quality for the price ($28.99-$38.99), and help you and your dog have a relaxed walk.

Earth Rated Poop Bags: They have a lovely scent, are eco-friendly, durable and easy to use.