Sunday, May 19, 2013

Abbie's Favourite Products

We're featuring Abbie's favourite products, as part of our series of blog posts on our Wag staff's favourite items.  Though Abbie has had a difficult time narrowing down her favourite products, she has shortened the list to her top three favourite items that WAG carries.  Read on to hear what Abbie has to say about her favourite items:
Wagmores dog treats:  I love supporting local businesses.  Wagmores are a super healthy homemade dog treat that are made using local, human grade ingredients.  There are no preservatives, artificial additives, fillers, colouring, or by-products and they are 100% homemade!  My dog Frankie LOVES 
them!  Best of all, they are chewy and soft, so I can break them up and offer him little bits.

Bowser Donut Bed:  We love his Bowser donut bed!  It's made with a soft, micro velvet material that wipes clean and washes well.  There is a mattress inside that we use for travelling too.  It's a tufted cushion, and so it washes well in the washing machine without the cushioning clumping.  He loves to curl up in his bed and rest his head over the edge.  He has a coordinating throw blanket too he likes to snuggle under.  

Champion Dog Food (Orijen & Acana):  Champion Dog Foods is a Canadian company.  All of their meats are fresh, never frozen and their meat is all Canadian. The first ingredients of Orijen are named meat products.  The food uses salmon oil rather than fat, providing omega 3 and 6.  There are no grains in this food and there is a range of fruits and vegetables in the food, and a good range of probiotics.  There are no grains in this food, which are not a natural part of a dog's diet.  It is really outstanding product!  Frank's favourite flavours are Orijen 6 fish and chicken-- we can interchange flavours without upsetting his digestive system.  Plus, when you buy 12 bags, you get your 13th free!   

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