Thursday, December 20, 2012

OSCA reports: WAG Opens Local Doggie Daycare

Nice Dog Biscuits are available for all good dogs at Xmas.
Nice Dog Biscuits are available for all good dogs at Xmas.

Wag staff member Ana Kerr says there's been a lot of excitement among customers about their newly opened doggie daycare, and owner Joan Garvey is excited too. The room is in the basement of the shop on Bank Street juist north of Sunnyside. The space is airy and large, ideal for play, with a fenced off area for dogs of similar size to play together. This is standard practice—little dogs like to play with little dogs; big dogs with big dogs.
The room is large and well lit, with lots of space for romping. 
Wag Daycare Room
Wag Daycare Room
The floors are painted and easy to clean. All doggie amenables are available.
Old Ottawa South is a dog-loving neighbourhood, and it's expected that there will be plenty of demand. There is no other dog daycare in the area; there are a few dog walking services, but they don't care for the dogs for the whole working day. It's a really necessary addition to neighbourhood services.
WAG is always busy with evening events in the "doggin' it" café, and with selling their wide selection of products throughout the day. Many of WAG's events are fundraisers for local dog rescues, the Humane Society, and other worthy pet-related charities.
Ana Kerr in the Doggie Day Care
Ana Kerr in the Doggie Dayare
Ana Kerr has special skills with dogs, and as a veterinarian, she's a real boon should anything happen to a dog during their fun days there.
Joan Garvey has worked hard to make " WAG...a posh shop for spoiled pets" a success. The store and the café, where your dog is more than welcome, have been a popular addition to the Old Ottawa South business mix.
Joan Garvey, Ana Kerr, and Marty
Joan Garvey, Ana Kerr, and Marty the Bernese Mountain Dog

 A full day at WAG Dagcare is $29.99.
A half day is $19.99.
For more details about the doggie daycare program, call Joan Garvey at 613-730-4647, or visit the website

 WAG Daycare already has some happy customers: below are Red and Paco, two Chihauhaus spending the day in fun and play, and Marty, the Bernese Mountain Dog is hanging out with Joan and Ana, right.
Chihauhaus Red and Paco
Chihauhuas Red and Paco

The Old Ottawa South Community Association wishes WAG the best of luck in its new venture in our Old Ottawa South neighbourhood!


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